Thursday, 2 January 2014

Maximum Security.

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  1. Maximum Security.
  2. Hackers Secrets Revealed.
  3. A Beginners Guide To Hacking Computer Systems.
  4. Batch & MS-DOS Programming.
  5. Batch File Programming and Coding.
  6. Black Book of Viruses and Hacking.

S4 vs Iphone 5

Samsung and Apple have been wrestling for the top spot in the smart phone market for close to half a decade. It's traditionally been Apple that ultimately won the sales war, with every one of its iPhones being crowned the year's top handset.
However, with each clash Samsung has gained a little ground, with its previous Galaxy S3 handset getting close to matching sales of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. Because of this many analysts have speculated that the next battle between Samsung and Apple could decide each company's place and fortunes in the future smartphone arena. We take a look to see whether the Galaxy S4 can outdo the iPhone 5 in all the key areas.
Design and build
The most noticeable design difference between the two is that the galaxy s4 is significantly bigger than the 124x59x7.6mm iphone 5, measuring in at 137x70x7.9mm. The increased size means that the 130g Galaxy S4 is also significantly heavier than the 112g iPhone 5.
Interestingly, despite being bigger and heavier than the iPhone 5, we found the S4 slightly more comfortable to hold. Its ergonomic, curved, pebble-like design made it easier to get a grip on than the hard-lined and cornered iPhone.
In terms of build quality, though, the iPhone 5 is better than the Galaxy S4. This is largely down to Apple's decision to make the iPhone 5's chassis out of metal, not poly-carbonate. For some time now the build quality of Samsung's plastic Galaxy handsets has been an issue, and their removable polycarbonate backplates are prone to chipping and picking up dents. The S4 has the same problems, and feels even flimsier than the company's previous S3 handset.